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I'm Gary Marx, Founder & CEO of Conversion Optimized, LLC.
Working at Optimizely, I helped hundreds of clients run A|B tests - from CNN to Disney & ABC down to a solopreneur's candle shop on shopify and {nearly} everything in between. After moving on to write code at another startup here in San Francisco, I kept getting invites to Marketing's meetings to help guide them on A|B testing. From there, the requests kept coming.
Since 2013 I've run over 10,000 A|B tests, managed multiple teams run testing, guided multiple companies on how to implement a culture of testing - and much more.
I have been fortunate to work with some amazing clients - some with world changing impacts, others who simply want to give their customers a better experience. I've found each client and team needs something unique and different to succeed - yet all seem to love having an autonomous worker, strong communication, and involvement for the fun stuff - you know, brainstorming, ideation, and the creative parts that make A|B testing such a blast!

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